Logan Mace
Owner, Photographer, Husband

Julie Mace
Owner, Photographer, Wife

Once upon a time in a past life, Logan was a touring musician with big dreams. After a long time on the road, the band came home to play a show for the locals and to release their newly-recorded CD. And, that's where he met Julie. Julie was a lover of music, like Logan, and after many, many weeks of back-and-forth phone calls and dates, they knew there was something special between them. 

Fast forward 10+ years... Life has taken us up and down and in many directions (sometimes all at the same time). Now, we have two children that keep us moving, laughing, exhausted but always inspired. The photography part of our lives is just an extension of our need to be creative and something we choose to do because we love it, not because we have to.  


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