Andrew + Emily Wedding

Andrew + Emily    

     I have photographed many weddings, many great weddings and many great couples. Andrew and Emily stand out in some very unique ways, though. First, I have known Andrew since grade school, and I regret not being close friends with him. From what I can remember of Andrew in those times was that he was shy, yet seemed to always be in a good mood. I also remember him bringing in his accordion and playing for the class. I began playing guitar at around 7 years old and have always loved music, so we shared this common interest, if nothing else. Unfortunately, I didn't know Emily up until recently, but I am sure she was just as nice.

      Andrew and Emily have grown to be people that I truly respect: they dedicate a lot of time traveling between the US and Honduras on mission trips spreading love and positivity. On top of that, they obviously have a certain je ne sais quoi about their love, that although hard to define, is apparent when they are near each other. They own and operate a videography company called Pathway Media Productions which does great work- check them out!



MArietta, Ohio

     The day started with Emily and the ladies getting their hair done at Jenna's Salon


Marietta, ohio

     After hair, Emily and her Mom went next door to Merle Norman for makeup.


After the ladies were done...

It was time to head back to the church where Andrew was getting ready.

Andrew and Emily exchanged letters before the ceremony

Emily and andrew's first look

     Andrew and Emily made it an easy day for me, and I thank them for that. I wish them both all the happiness and good fortune, truly.

Here's to the beautiful life ahead,

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