Natural light photography is lighter on the wallet and lighter on the back, naturally. Natural light photography does not mean amateur, nor is it any easier. Getting the most from situations when all you have to work with is available light requires creativity, the ability to read your surroundings, and putting into action a ton of tricks and "hacks." But, no worries, that's what this workshop is for!

Good for: Beginners-Advanced

What you should bring:

  • you
  • an open mind
  • camera (recommended, but not necessary)
  • something to take notes (if that's your thing)
  • a friend?
Workshop: Finding Light

Taking control and making the best of available and natural light situations. Held in beautiful McDonough Park in Vienna, WV, we will overcome difficult lighting situations.

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Date: July 9, 2017
Time: 3pm-7pm
Where: McDonough Park, Vienna, WV (click for directions)
Price: $75
*Any previous workshop attendee will receive 10% back!

What Will We Be Doing

A quick getting to know you session!

Basics Rundown
A brief overview of some things that will definitely help along the way. Also, I will be explaining basics (as needed)!

Indoor vs Outdoor
We will be exploring shooting both indoor and outdoor, how to approach each, and various sacrifices you may need to make when getting your shot.

Using Manual Mode to Take Control of Your Surroundings
Severing the ties with Auto Mode, and taking control of the situation. (White balance is a P.I.T.A. with available light at times.)

How to Approach Difficult Lighting Situations
When all you have is available light, how can you make the best of it? How to find good light. (What is "good" light anyway?)

How do you use exposure to draw the eye where you want it to go? How can you capture such a dynamic scene with only available light?

Using What You Have
Didn't bring much? Be resourceful! Use what you have, what you find, or what is in the environment to tell the story and get the shot.

Light Modifiers
Inexpensive life savers to take your photo to a new level.

Get Creative
Taking what we know now and applying it in creative ways to make something unique.

My Tips + Philosophy
Throughout the evening you will hear my philosophy on photography and be subject to my ramblings. (Sorry)

Q & A
Ask whatever you want, I am an open book.